Group Alumni

Much like the orbiting bodies of our solar system, most of our group members are destined to one day drift off on their own journey. Unlike wayward planets, however, we're still able to keep in touch with our former colleagues! Feel free to explore the catalogue of our former group members and see what some of their more recent projects are!


Postdoctoral Researchers

After defending their PhD theses, researchers cut their teeth in the field by working as postdoctoral researchers here at Caltech. By collaborating with more experienced researchers, they are able to gain valuable insights that will help them later in their scientific careers.

Once they gain enough experience, however, they may make their way out into the world to continue their expanded study. Below are a collection of our former Postdocs who have since progressed in their careers, some of them even staying in the Caltech/JPL family!

Name Year(s) Email Website
Hannah Earnshaw 2017-2020 hpearn[at]caltech[dot]edu
Javier Garcia 2016-2019 javier[at]caltech[dot]edu Javier's Website
Marianne Heida 2016-2019 marianne[dot]heida[at]eso[dot]org Marianne's Website
Murray Brightman 2014-2019 murray[at]srl[dot]caltech[dot]edu
Lian Tao 2014-2017
Eric Bellm 2011-2017
Felix Fuerst 2012-2016 Felix's Website
Liz Rivers 2012-2016
Dominic Walton 2012-2016 dwalton[at]ast[dot]cam[dot]ac[dot]uk
Brian Grefenstette 2009-2012 bwgref[at]srl[dot]caltech[dot]edu Brian's Website
Takao Kitaguchi 2009-2012
Kristin Madsen 2007-2010 kmadsen[at]umbc[dot]edu
Vikram Rana 2006-2009
Anna Sajina 2005-2007
Wayne Baumgartner 2004-2007 wayne[at]srl[dot]caltech[dot]edu
Dae Sik Moon 2003-2006
Steven Boggs 1998-2000 seboggs[at]ucsd[dot]edu Steven's Website

Graduate Students

After acquiring their undergraduate degrees, individuals undertake a rigorous application process to continue their education here at Caltech, working to attain an advanced degree in their field (B.S., PhD, etc.).

These students take advanced classes while working alongside our research faculty, staff, and postdoctorate researchers in order to acquire advanced knowledge and research skills in a professional setting.

Name Class of Email Website
Myles Sherman 2024 msherman[at]caltech[dot]edu Myles's Website
Nikita Kamraj 2021 nkamraj[at]caltech[dot]edu
Yanjun Xu 2021 yanjun[at]caltech[dot]edu
Mislav Baloković 2017 mislav[dot]balokovic[at]yale[dot]edu Mislav's Website
Shriharsh Tendulkar 2015
Varun Bhalerao 2012 varunb[at]iitb[dot]ac[dot]in Varun's Website
Brad Cenko 2008 brad[dot]cenko[at]nasa[dot]gov Brad's Website
Hubert Chen 2008 Hubert's Website
Megan Eckart 2006 megan[dot]e[dot]eckart[at]nasa[dot]gov Megan's Website
Sarah Yost 2004 syost[at]csbsju[dot]edu Sarah's Website
Peter Mao 2002 peterm[at]srl[dot]caltech[dot]edu Peter's Website

SURF Students, WAVE Fellows, & Summer Research Connection (SRC) Participants

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program is one of the "crown jewels" of Caltech. Since 1979, SURF students have had the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of experienced mentors working at the frontier of their fields.

Caltech's WAVE Fellows program aims to foster diversity by increasing the participation of underrepresented students in science and engineering Ph.D. programs and making Caltech's programs more visible and accessible to students not traditionally exposed to Caltech.

The Summer Research Connection (SRC) is a 6-week program for K-12 science teachers and high school students. Participants are placed in research labs at Caltech where they conduct scientific research in assigned student-teacher teams under the guidance of research mentors.

Below is a collection of our former SURF students, WAVE fellows, and SRC participants!

Right: Postdoc Marianne Heida brings a group of SURF and WAVE students to the Palomar Observatory.

Class of 2021
Name Program Year Email Website
Wasundara Athukoralalage SURF 2021 athukora[at]msu[dot]edu
Eunice Beato SURF 2021 eb5[at]wellesley[dot]edu Eunice's Website
Audrey DeVault SURF 2020-2021 adevault[at]caltech[dot]edu
Hanbai Lyu SURF 2021 hanbailyu[at]yale[dot]edu
Jennifer Rodriguez WAVE Fellows 2021 rodri756[at]msu[dot]edu
Lena Wu SURF 2021
Maryanne Xu SRC 2021 maryannexu[at]gmail[dot]com
Lynn Yang SURF 2021
Zhibo Yu SURF 2021 zbyu2000223[at]gmail[dot]com
Hazel Yun SURF 2021
Hongyu Zhang SURF 2021
Classes of 2015-2020
Name Program Year Email Website
Daniel Collinson SURF 2020
Isaiah Curtis SURF 2020
Jessie Miller WAVE Fellows 2020
Isaiah Curtis SURF 2020
Catherine Slaughter SURF 2020 catherine[dot]m[dot]slaughter[at]gmail[dot]com Catherine's Website
Feiyang Liu SURF 2019
Milan Roberson SURF 2019 milanmsr[at]physics[dot]ucla[dot]edu
Julian Sanders SURF 2018
Andrew Sosanya WAVE Fellows 2018 Andrew's Website
Maya Fuller SURF 2017 mayafuller37[at]gmail[dot]com
Tawny Sit SURF 2017 tsit[at]alumni[dot]caltech[dot]edu
Navin Sridhar SURF 2017
Jingyi Wang SURF 2017
Kale Langley SURF 2016
Daniel Gawerc SURF 2015 dgawerc[at]alumni[dot]caltech[dot]edu
Nikita Kamraj SURF 2015 nkamraj[at]caltech[dot]edu
Peter Kosec SURF 2015 pkosec[at]mit[dot]edu
Classes of 2010-2014
Name Program Year Email Website
Jake Larson SURF 2014
Talia Minear SURF 2014
Alexander Place SURF 2014 alex[at]placehome[dot]us
Clarke Esmerian SURF 2013
Ana Rose Glidden SURF 2013 aglidden[at]mit[dot]edu
Eric Mukherjee SURF 2013
Rebecca Tang SURF 2013
Erin Evans SURF 2012 evanse1693[at]gmail[dot]com Erin's Website
Kexin Rong SURF 2012 krong[at]cs[dot]stanford[dot]edu Kexin's Website
Juliette Becker SURF 2011 jbecker[at]caltech[dot]edu Juliette's Website
Iva Rreza SURF 2011
Nancy Wu SURF 2011
Isaac Sheff SURF 2010
Classes of 2000-2009
Name Program Year Email Website
Kristen Boydstun SURF 2009
Sedona Price SURF 2008 sedona[at]mpe[dot]mpg[dot]de Sedona's Website!
Nikita Panasenko SURF 2005
Shawn Surdyk SURF 2005
Alden Waters SURF 2004
Eric Cady SURF 2002
Jeffrey Blackburne SURF 2001
Class Prior to the Year 2000
Name Program Year Email Website
Christopher Hirata SURF 1999
Kimberly Gold SURF 1998
Michael Baier SURF 1997